Nav.Ges. SAS based in Trieste, is a service and engineering company that provide solutions for Marine industry and Ship Yards.
The Nav.Ges. was born in 2011, by the founder Luca Rossi coming from 15 years of experience like technical employment in other marine engineering Company.

The Nav.Ges. is a young technical office: on site we are three “senior” plus two “young” employments. Our close-knit cooperation with other offices, give us possibility to cover all the activities of the marine design: from the basic design to the workshop doc.s for yards.

Our best known Clients are:

  •     CRN spa (Ferretti group) – Ancona – Italy
  •     NAC srl (Nuovo Arsenale Cartubi) – Trieste – Italy
  •     Mondo Marine spa – Savona – Italy
  •     San Giorgio del Porto spa – Genova – Italy